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While we are waiting for more Ditmores to come forward and join us, let me tell you a true story about my dumb brother, Vernon, and me.

Vernon winged a crow with a shot from the family .22 rifle. He sent me to the house to get a razor blade. We had heard [all boys knew this] that if you split a crows tongue right down the middle, it would talk. When I returned to the field with the razorblade, he split the crow's tongue down the middle, lengthwise. At this point he said to the crow calmly," OK, talk!." The crow just looked at him. He picked the crow up to his face and screamed at it, saying, " TALK, DA__IT, talk." To our surprise...........it didn't talk. I am sure it tried to, knowing its life was in the balance. We learned a good lesson that day. DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR. JOE